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Find out why your dahlias aren't blooming in your garden and learn effective ways to encourage those gorgeous flowers to show themselves!

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Things to know:

Dahlias create a wide range of colorful and almost impossibly large blooms, but they need specific care to encourage those flowers to bloom.

Soil conditions:

Your soil needs to be nutrient rich and well draining for dahlia plants to flourish. Too heavy or clay-like soi will hold onto too much moisture causing the dahlia tuber to rot.

Incorrect planting:

Timing, planting depth, and spacing need to all be thought about to get a healthy blooming dahlia. If these things are not done correctly, the dahlia will struggle to grow.

Water needs:

Watering dahlias can be a tricky balance; because, both over and underwatering can cause plant growth issues. Drip irrigation has helped regulate my watering.

Lighting needs:

Dahlias need about 6 to 8 hours of full sun each day to properly bloom.


Common pests of the dahlia plant include aphids, spider mites, and slugs. Spacing can help with potential fungal issues by encouraging good air flow.

Improper maintenance:

Pinching and deadheading dahlias encourages new blooms by focusing energy absorbed by the plant, but improper pinching and deadheading can hinder the blooms.


Climate and extreme weather conditions will have a great affect on the overall condition of your dahlias. Be aware of extreme cold, heat, or wind.

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