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Want to learn how to attract butterflies to your garden? This guide will show you which flowers and feeders work best!

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Why you should attract butterflies

Butterflies can add beauty and grace to any outdoor space. Not only are these colorful insects pretty, but they also pollinate plants and maintain a healthy ecosystem in your garden.

Where to plant flowers for butterflies

Plant your butterfly flowers in an area that will get between 5-6 hours of sunlight each day. Butterflies prefer to be warm and dry when they fly.

Butterfly feeding tips

The simplest way to set out food for a butterfly is to cut up a few pieces of fruit and leave them out on a plate.

Use a butterfly feeder

There are butterfly feeders that look similar to a saucer-style hummingbird feeder, but in their preferred yellow color and smaller ports.

Provide water for butterflies

Butterflies prefer to drink from very shallow puddles, preferably with sand or soil underneath. Using colored sand in their favorite color may draw them in easier.

Avoid using pesticides

Avoid using pesticides in your garden. Pesticides are one of the reasons why butterfly populations such as the Monarch butterfly are dwindling.

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