Want bigger dahlia blooms on longer, stronger stems? Discover the ins and outs of disbudding dahlias with this guide!

Why disbud Each plant has a certain amount of energy to use, and disbudding smaller side blooms will help concentrate energy to more prominent blooms.

Disbudding dahlias isn't necessary. You will have more blooms if you don't but if you decide to your remaining blooms will be larger.

Look for blooms with side blooms starting to appear. These side buds need to be large enough to pinch off, but not close to beginning to bloom.

Make sure the dahlia is well-hydrated and either pinch or use pruning shears to cut off the side buds. Be careful not to damage the main stem.

Disbudding will allow for larger brighter blooms, extended bloom period, increased flower stalk strength, and many more benefits.

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