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When I was a little girl, bleeding hearts were one of my favorite flowers. Learn how to grow bleeding hearts in your garden.

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Here's What You Need to Know

What are bleeding hearts

Bleeding hearts are a spring perennial with unique heart shaped blooms that prefer shade.

When to plant

Plant bare-root bleeding hearts in early spring when the roots are dormant and after the last frost.

Where to plant

Bleeding hearts prefer locations with a mix of light shade and dappled sun where their roots stay cool and moist.

How to plant bleeding hearts

When transplanting a bleeding heart into the garden, set the crown just below the soil surface, careful not to damage the tiny, brittle roots.

Caring for bleeding hearts

Besides regular water and occasional fertilizer, bleeding hearts do not need much care. They are seldom bothered by pests, although aphids can infest the flowers, and slugs might eat the foliage.

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