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The brightly colored blossoms of camellias can liven up your garden when everything else is dormant in the winter and early spring.

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Here's What You Need to Know

Why you want Camellias

Camellia flowers come in multiple shades of red, white, pink, variegated, and even a few with lavender blossoms.

When to plant

The optimum times for planting are between October and November in warmer geographic areas and March and April in cooler growing zones.

Where to plant

They prefer well-drained, fertile soil, so choose or prepare a site that fits these requirements.

How to plant camellias

Dig a planting hole twice the size of the potted plant’s root ball. Place the transplant in the hole, so the top of the potting soil is about an inch above ground level


Camellias need regular watering. A heavy layer of mulch around the plant’s base conserves soil moisture and helps protect the roots.

For more tips for growing camellias click the link below!