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Hellebores are the perfect plant for the shady areas of your garden! They bloom in late winter, with evergreen leaves the rest of the year.

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Here's What You Need to Know

Why have Hellebores

Imagine finding lovely, colorful flowers popping up in your garden in the cold of winter. If you plant hellebores, this is precisely what you can experience!

When to plant

Plant hellebores from early spring up until the fall to give them time to grow a root system to support blooming the following winter.

Where to plant

Planting them in cool, continually moist soil with lots of organic matter and good drainage is key to getting them to thrive and blossom.

How to plant hellebores

When transplanting a hellebore into the garden, dig a hole as deep as the pot and twice the diameter. Mix in plenty of compost, leaf mold, or aged manure unless the soil is already high in organic matter.


While hellebores are evergreen, the leaves tend to look tattered by the end of the winter. Cutting off these spent leaves can help reinvigorate the plant and signal to push out new growth.

For more tips for growing hellebores click the link below!