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Solomon's seal is a gracefully arching plant with small bell shaped flowers in spring. Learn how to grow Solomon's seal in your garden!

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Here's What You Need to Know

What is Solomon's Seal

Solomon's seal is an excellent choice for open shady garden areas. This perennial plant spreads slowly from rhizomes, forming dense colonies of stunning green or variegated foliage that zigzags along the arching stems.

When to plant

Spring and fall are the best seasons for putting Solomon's seal plants or rhizomes into the ground.

Where to plant

Solomon's seal needs a shady location to grow, so choose a site with partial to full shade, such as the north side of a house or under dense tree canopies.

How to plant lily of the valley

Solomon's Seal grow very slowly so a better option is to buy plants or rhizomes from a nursery or online.

Caring for lily of the valley

Solomon's seal grows best when the soil is fertile, so mulch them with high-quality compost or give them an application of fertilizer once each year to help them thrive.

For more tips for growing Solomon's Seal click the link below!