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Get my tips for how to grow Cotoneaster and enjoy its brightly-colored berries and evergreen leaves in your garden this winter.

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Here's What You Need to Know


Cotoneaster is a versatile plant requiring minimal care. You can also grow it as a bonsai or sculpt it into imaginative topiary shapes to add charm to your yard.

When to plant

The best time of year to put cotoneaster plants in the ground is in the fall before temperatures get cold.

Where to plant

Cotoneaster prefers well-draining, mildly acidic soil and full sun exposure, although it can grow in partial shade and mildly alkaline pH.

How to plant cotoneaster

Most gardeners buy potted cotoneaster plants and transplant them into the garden. However, you can also take cuttings and root them to start new plants

Watering the Cotoneaster

Water new plants regularly, keeping the soil slightly moist for the first year. After that, irrigate when the top inch of soil dries out.

Pruning the Cotoneaster

Prune the plant in the early spring before the flowers show. Careful pruning can stimulate growth but cut stems down to the ground on low-growing varieties, or a new branch will likely grow upward.

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