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Creeping Myrtle (or Vinca Minor) is an evergreen groundcover that produces blue flowers in spring. Here's how to care for it in your garden!

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Here's What You Need to Know

What is Creeping Myrtle?

It's a low-growing, mat-forming plant that reaches about six inches tall, with trailing stems that can climb when given the opportunity.

When to plant

The best time of year to plant creeping myrtle is in early spring before it blooms, which is usually in April and May.

Where to plant

It is an excellent choice for planting under trees and shrubs in areas without enough sun exposure for lawn grass.

How to plant creeping myrtle

Buying flats of vinca minor plants at a garden center, or dividing clumps of established plants and moving them to a new location is the easiest way to plant creeping myrtle.

Watering the creeping myrtle

Water them in hot weather and during prolonged dry periods and fertilize them occasionally with a 10-10-10 NPK fertilizer.

Invasive Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor is highly invasive, for this reason, it should only be planted in confined areas bounded by concrete pathways or other structures that prevent it from spreading.

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