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Get the most out of your garden space by growing cucumbers in grow bags and training them to grow vertically on a trellis! Here's how!

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Grow bags are excellent additions to any garden. These fabric sacks offer many benefits to plants. The easy mobility of the grow bags makes finding optimal sun exposure possible.

Gather your supplies!

You will need breathable fabric grow bags, cucumber plants, potting soil, and a climbing trellis. Cucumbers are vines, and they thrive the best with space to spread and climb.

Placing the grow bags

Choose an area with lots of sunlight; cucumbers love sunny conditions. Fill your grow bag with potting soil and fertilizer to encourage root growth.

Planting cucumber plant

Remove the cucumber plant from the pot and plant the root ball in the grow bag and cover with potting soil.


Cucumber plants love water. Water them well especially on hot dry days. The grow bags are excellent for drainage so the risk of overwatering is less.


Once flowering occurs add a dose of nitrogen fertilizer, and then add another dose three weeks later.


As the cucumber plant begins to grow, guide the plant onto the trellis. Cucumber plants are natural climbers.


The cucumber plant will produce over an eight to ten week period. Harvesting encourages reblooming. Most varieties of cucumber are ripe at about 6 to 8 inches long.

Learn more about growing cucumbers in grow bags by clicking the link below!