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Larkspur is a gorgeous annual flower that produces tall stems with dense, spiky clusters of violet, blue, or white flowers.

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Larkspur is a cool-season annual that blooms between late spring and mid-summer

How to start Larkspur from seeds

Direct sow larkspur seeds outdoors

Larkspur has a long tap root and does not like being transplanted. Therefore, it’s best to sow seeds directly where you want them to grow.

Chill seeds before sowing

For the best germination rates, chill your seeds in a zip-lock bag in the refrigerator at 35°F for a week before planting.

Temperature to germinate

Ideally, they should have temperatures above freezing but below 55°F during the first six weeks of development.


Space seeds 6 to 8 inches apart, and cover them with ¼-inch of soil because they need darkness to germinate.

Caring for Larkspur

Larkspur does best with some maintenance, such as dead-heading spent flowers, staking tall plants, and pruning stems after flowering to encourage more blooms.

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