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Sweet peas are a fragrant, dainty flower that has become a staple in the cottage garden. Learn how to grow sweet peas from seed here!

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Sweet pea plants produce an abundance of colorful, fragrant flowers to brighten your garden. These frost-tolerant vines are easy to grow and thrive in the cool days of early spring when most other annual plants are waiting for warmer weather.

What do sweet peas seeds look like?

Sweet pea seeds are large and round with a dark brown hard outer casing. You may see a white or light brown line across the seed where the seedling will sprout.

How to start Sweet Peas from seeds

Starting seeds indoors

Soak the seeds first for 24 hours at room temperature.

Prepare root retaining tray

Prepare the root retainer seed trays. Press soil into tray to eliminate any air pockets.

Pick only viable seeds

Choose seeds that have soaked up water and in some cases have started to crack. Discard those that haven't.

Plant your sweet pea seeds

Make two ½" deep holes in each cell of your seed tray. Pop one seed into each hole, then cover them up with soil. Sweet pea seeds need darkness to germinate.

Cover with a humidity dome. It may take up to 3 weeks for the seeds to sprout. Remove the humidity dome once this happens.

Transplanting seedlings

To help sweet pea seedlings transition to growing outdoors, harden them off first. Repeat this process for at least a week before transplanting in the garden.

Learn more about starting Sweet Peas from seed by clicking the link below!