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Learn how to grow Western sword ferns in your woodland garden! These huge evergreen ferns can tolerate a wide variety of conditions in almost any garden landscape.

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Here's What You Need to Know

Where to get your plants

You can buy them at your local garden store, online, or you can divide a mature plant you already have.

When to plant

The best time for transplanting and dividing western sword fern is in the spring.

Where to plant

Plant in deep shade or dappled shade. You can also plant this fern in some direct sun, as long as you water it during hot weather.

How far apart to plant

Leave at least two feet between plants, so they have plenty of space to spread out when they mature.


Prune dead fronds and broken stems to keep your sword fern looking great. Water when soil is dry.

Western Sword ferns can live for up to 500 years. So enjoy your fern for years to come!