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Winter jasmine features yellow flowers that bloom in January! Learn how to grow winter jasmine for an early pop of color in your garden!

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Here's What You Need to Know

Why you want Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine’s joyful yellow flowers can make the cold days of winter feel like spring.

When to plant

You can plant winter jasmine in early spring or in the fall. If you plant in spring, it’s likely to bloom the next winter season.

Where to plant

Winter jasmine blooms abundantly when planted in full sun and in moist soil that does not get waterlogged.

How to plant flowering quince

There are four ways to start growing winter jasmine. From seeds, transplanting, from cuttings, or by layering.


When the ground's surface is dry, one inch of water once or twice a week is usually adequate. Prune your jasmine so it doesn't take over.

For more tips for growing winter jasmine click the link below!