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Learn how to grow zinnias from seed with our step-by-step guide. Find tips on planting, care, and enjoying these vibrant flowers.

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Zinnias are beautiful blooms known for their easy-to-grow nature and vibrant colors.  They are great cut flowers and the large, bright blooms of the zinnia make great additions to bouquets.

Zinnia varieties

There are two main varieties of zinnias, and each have a unique growth habit. Zinnia violacea grows upright with large blooms, and zinnia angustifolia grows low with only a few colors of blooms.

Zinnia seeds

Zinnia seeds are flat with one pointed end. The other end will be rounded with a notch and they are various shades of brown.

Starting seeds: When & Where

Zinnias need lots of sun; plant them in late spring or early summer to let the soil reach the desired temperature. They need good spacing for optimal air-flow and well-draining soil is a must.

Starting seeds

Until the seeds germinate keep the soil moist but not soggy. You can expect the seedling to sprout in about a week if started indoors.


Water your zinnias consistently a few times a week giving them plenty of water. Make sure to water earlier in the day to avoid evaporation.


The great thing about zinnias is they are not super demanding. If you give them a slow-release fertilizer at the time of planting they will do well.


Regular pinching and deadheading spent blooms, will give you a beautiful vibrant garden all season long.

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