Learn how to grow and care for agastache in your garden, with tips on planting, watering, and ensuring blooms every year in this handy guide.

There are 22 species of agastache, all native to North America. The blooms attract pollinators with their nectar-filled flowers.

Agastache is a perennial flower; so knowing your grow zone will help determine necessary care and the best variety to plant.

You can direct sow seeds in the spring when you have cleared any frost danger, or you can transplant seedlings which will bloom quicker.

Agastache are great in full sun. Plant them in well-draining soil where direct sun is available.

When planting space the plants 15 to 18 inches apart in a whole twice the width of the root ball. You can grow from both seed and cuttings.

Water: Agastache is drought-tolerant, but during its first growing season make sure to provide consistent moisture. Fertilizing: Agastache doesn't demand much with nutrients, but some in spring will give beautiful blooms.

Pruning will encourage bushier growth and more blooms. In spring, consider trimming back dead or damaged stems for the upcoming season.

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