Learn how to collect geranium seeds with our step-by-step guide. From identifying ripe seed pods to proper storage, we've got you covered!

Timing is important when collecting geranium seed pods. Too soon means seeds won't be ripe, and too late means seed pods will open scattering the seeds.


Locate the ripe seed pods by finding the plants with white puffs. The feathery material is used to catch the wind and scatter the seeds.


Using scissors or garden shears cut the stem a few inches from the seed pod to easily handle the plant.


Place the seed pods in a paper bag in a warm dry place for a few days to absorb the moisture.

Geranium Seed Anatomy

Each seed pod has multiple seeds ready to spring free. Collecting is a gentle process.

Collecting Seeds

Gently pull the seeds from the pods by hand. After releasing the seeds separate them from the seed tassle.

Storing Seeds

Allow the seeds to dry for a few days on a paper towel and then store them in a small paper envelope in a cool dark place.

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