Enjoy your poppy flowers for years to come by harvesting the seeds! I'll show you how to collect poppy seeds from pods step by step.

Poppy plants can be difficult to grow, and after the blooms fade away, it can be tempting to clean out the plants to start new.  If you wait you can have amazing poppy seeds to eat or plant the next year.

Poppy seed pods will transform from a greenish-blue color to brown when they are mature enough to harvest. The pod will be open at the top.


Allow for a period of dry time before harvesting. I quit watering for a week before harvesting my poppy pods.


Cut the pod stem leaving a few inches of stem for easy handling. Carefully place the pods in a container and allow them to dry a few more days.

Collecting Seeds

Once the seed pods are completely dry and you can hear the rattling of seeds you can begin collecting. Tip the pods over and allow the seeds to pour out.

Storing Seeds

I plan to save my seeds to plant next year so I placed them in a paper envelope labeled with their name.

Poppy Seeds to Eat

If you plan on consuming the poppy seeds, you will need to sift the seeds through a fine-mesh sieve. This will remove any leftover debris.

Learn more about collecting poppy seeds from pods by clicking the link below and visiting!