Keep your dahlias blooming longer by removing the spent flowers. I'll show you how to deadhead dahlias so your plant produces more buds!

Dahlias Characterized by their colorful and large blooms. This stunning plant can give you beautiful blooms all season with proper care.

When dahlias begin to open up and show pollen in the center, it is time to begin deadheading. Browning of the back of the flower head is another sign.

Gone too long without deadheading? New buds will be round around the outside with a flatter end. Avoid cutting these instead of the seed pods.

Don't just remove the bloom. The hollow stem of the dahlia can invite pests in. Follow the stem down to the junction where it meets the main stalk and cut with long, sharp pruning shears.

As the season progresses you may be required to deadhead a dahlia stem that you have already done once before.

If you maintain and keep deadheading dahlias throughout the season, you will be rewarded with beautiful blooms all season long.

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