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Learn to grow astilbe from seed with this simple winter sowing method, and fill your shade garden with lots of these feathery perennials.

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Astilbe flowers are beautiful feather shaped plumes with fern-like foliage.  This perennial flower can set you back $15 for a full plant so growing them from seed is much more cost effective.

Astilbe seed description

The astilbe seeds are tiny black flecks making them difficult to handle individually.

Winter sowing Astilbe seeds

Winter sowing astilbe seeds helps to harden the plant, taking the guessing out of when to move seedlings outdoors. Winter sowing involves using milk jugs to create a mini greenhouse.

Winter sowing Astilbe seeds

Prepare the cleaned milk jugs by creating drainage holes and adding soil mix.

Winter sowing Astilbe seeds

Sprinkle the seeds on top of the moist soil and press down. Close the jug and seal it with duct tape.

Winter sowing Astilbe seeds

Place the jug outside with the cap off. Once seedlings have begun to sprout in spring lift the top of the jug.

Learn more about growing Astilbe from seed by clicking the link below!