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Check out this step-by-step guide to growing mint from seed, from soil prep to watering tips to harvesting their fragrant leaves!

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There are many varieties of mint, and each has a special use. From spearmint to mojito mint, peppermint to chocolate mint, growing mint from seeds can be challenging but rewarding.


Mint plants are relatively hardy, but make sure to avoid freezing temperatures. Consider starting seeds indoors about ten weeks before the last frost of the season.

Plant mint seeds

Scatter the tiny mint seeds lightly over a tray filled with damp sterile seed starting soil mix.


Mint seeds will need light to germinate so place the seed tray in a sunny window or under a grow light for about two weeks.

Moving outdoors

Once the mint seedlings are about 2 inches tall and the weaker ones have been removed, place them in 4-inch pots to harden outdoors.


Mint plants prefer consistently moist soil. Container grown mint will need watering more frequently to avoid drying out. If you are planting in the ground consider adding drip irrigation for optimal watering.

When and How to Harvest

You can harvest mint leaves as soon as the are actively growing. Individual leaves can be plucked or whole stems can be cut to use fresh or dry out.

Storing Mint

Store fresh mint in a glass of water in the refrigerator, or dry mint in small bundles in an area with good ventilation.

Learn more about growing mint from seeds at the link below.