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Learn how to grow radishes from seed and enjoy these root vegetables fresh out of the ground every spring and fall!

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Radishes are one of the easiest plants to grow from seed. You can start harvesting them in as little as 18 days. It's important to remember that each variety has its own special needs.


Prepare the well-draining soil by removing weeds and large clumps. Heavy claylike soil will need to be mixed with compost to lighten the soil texture.

Plant radish seeds

Start by making a 1/2 inch trench in your soil. Some larger variety radishes will need to be planted deeper. Direct sow your seeds where you plan on planting them long term.

Planting continued

Plant the seeds about 3/4 inch apart. If they begin growing to closely thin them out to promote healthy growing. Cover the seeds with soil and gently pat the surface to promote seed-to-soil contact.


The key to watering radishes is to keep the soil consistently moist but not flooded. The consistent moisture is important for germination.


After just a few days the seedlings will sprout. When they are about 2 inches tall, thin out the smaller seedlings to give the radishes plenty of space to grow.

Harvesting radishes

Depending on the variety, radishes can be a variety of different sizes. The seed packet will give you a rough estimate of maturity time. Try the tug test. A gentle but firm tug will pull a mature radish from the ground with ease.

Learn more about growing radishes from seeds at the link below.