Presprouting ranunculus corms in late winter is a great way to get a jump start on the growing season.

The pre-sprouting process involves soaking the corms, then storing them in pre-moistened soil in a cool, dark place until they start to sprout.

Ranunculus corms, don't look like much when you get them. They look like tiny dahlia tuber clumps or dried out octopus tentacles. But those ugly little things create amazing flowers!

Soak the corms

The first step to waking up your corms is to give them a good soak in room temperature water for three to four hours. 

Plant the corms in shallow trays

Place them with their little legs facing down into the soil.

Keep in a cool dark spot

After 7 to 10 days, poke around in the soil looking for signs of life. You should see fine white roots emerging from the corms.

Once you start to see green shoots coming out of the top of a few corms, move the tray under grow lights.

You can transplant your presprouted ranunculus bulbs in the ground right away, or keep them in their tray, allowing the plants to develop strong roots.

Learn more about presprouting ranunculus indoors by clicking the link below and visiting!