Learn how to save and store ranunculus corms for next season! I'll show you how to dig them up, clean them and store them so they don't rot!

My ranunuculus plants have been adding a much needed pop of color to my garden this season, and now I will be storing the corms to use next season.

Make sure to let the foliage die back. This means don't uproot the corms after the blooms fade. This could sacrifice your blooms for next season.

Dig up the corms.

Use a small garden fork to dig up the corm. A shovel could cut through them.

Dry and clean corms.

Allow the corm to dry out for a few days and then you can clean off the excess soil. I don't prefer using water; because, corms rot easily and I like to avoid extra moisture.

Clean up the corm.

Trim off the dead foliage and use a dry toothbrush to clean off any remaining dirt. Your corm will be ready to be stored when you have an ugly dried up octopus shaped item in front of you.

Where to store corms.

Corms need to stay cool and dry. If moisture is a problem try adding silica packets to your contained to keep them dry.

Allow for proper air flow.

Do not store too many corms together to avoid moisture causing rot. I stored mine in paper bags.

Inspect the corms monthly.

Make sure to get rid of any problematic corms that might be causing rot.

Learn more about saving and storing ranunculus corms by clicking the link below and visiting!