Saving sweet pea seeds is an easy way to continue growing your favorite flowers year after year! Learn how to collect sweet pea seeds in fall to plant again in spring!

Sweet pea flowers have a pleasant aroma and make beautiful additions to a garden. Although the seed pods resemble sugar snap peas, do not consume them they are toxic.


When the seed pods become brown. dry, and brittle they are ready for harvest. Avoid waiting too long or the pod could split spilling all the seeds.

Drying seed pods

Do not store the seeds immediately after harvesting. Allow the seed pods to dry for a week in a well ventilated area to avoid rot.

Removing seeds from pods

After the pods become dry and brittle, split the seed pod at the seam and gently remove the seeds.

Best quality

After removing the seeds from their pods, separate any seeds that show discoloration or damage. This ensures the best seeds for planting.

Storing seeds

Store your seeds in a labeled paper envelope to avoid moisture build up. Keep them in a cool dark place with low humidity.

Storing Seeds

Sweet pea seeds can stay viable for up to three years with proper storage.

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