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Want to grow cucumbers, but think you don't have the space? Learn how to trellis cucumbers vertically on a string from a pot or the ground!

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Cucumbers are an excellent veggie to grow in your garden, but they can take up a lot of space.  See how to grow cucumbers on a string trellis vertically, and save garden space and promote healthy plants.

Gather your supplies!

You will need string, landscape staples, an arbor, and clips or ties to secure the cucumber plant to the string with no slipping.

Choosing a location

Pick an area with plenty of direct sunlight. Make sure the cucumber plant has well-draining soil. Consider adding drip irrigation for convenience.

Placing the arbor

The arbor can be elaborate or as simple as you want. All you need are two stakes in the ground with a horizontal support across the top.

Tie the strings

Starting from the bottom, tie one end of the string to a landscape staple. Pull the string taut, but not too hard, and secure the other end to the horizontal support on top of the arbor.

Attach cucumber stem

Attach the cucumber stem to the string by using these string trellis clips. They prevent slipping by pinching the string between the clip.


As the cucumber plant grows continue attaching the stem to the string every 6 to 8 inches for optimal support.


Benefits of trellising cucumbers include space saving, increased air circulation, lowered pest pressure, easier harvesting, and better quality cucumbers.

Learn more about trellising cucumbers using string by clicking the link below!