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Growing Lisianthus from seed takes time and patience, but it's not hard! Learn all my tips and tricks for getting the best blooms this summer!

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Here's What You Need to Know

What are Lisianthus

Lisianthus, or Eustoma grandiflorum, is a beautiful cut flower that resembles a rose, but without the thorns! It grows multiple blooms per stem, and boasts an amazing 2-3 week vase life.

Start seeds early

As soon as the new year begins, or 12-13 weeks before your last frost date, you should get your lisianthus seeds planted indoors.

Prepare the soil

Use a good quality seed starting mix, not potting soil. It's specially formulated to be lighter, so the tiny seedlings can push through easily.

How to plant the seeds

Place the seed on top of the soil, not underneath. Lisianthus seeds need light to germinate, so just leave them on top.

Dust the soil surface with vermiculite

To prevent algae growth, apply a light dusting of vermiculite to the surface of the soil.

Watering the seeds

Lisianthus seedlings should be bottom watered to prevent algae and to encourage deep roots.

Place under grow lights

While it's recommended that the grow lights be as close to the surface as possible, I find that it's not worth the trouble to constantly raise or lower the lights as the plants grow.

When to harden off lisianthus

It may take months to get lisianthus to the hardening off stage, which is when you start bringing your seedlings outside during the day to get used to the great outdoors.

For more tips for growing lisianthus from seeds click the link below!