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Wondering what to do with strawberry runners? Learn when to cut runners from the mother plant and how to root them for more plants!

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Strawberry runners are the strawberry plants way of reproducing. The shoots grow off the base close to the soil in an attempt to root wherever the runner touches down. These runners take up a lot of the plant's energy so what should you do about them?


Promotes natural propagation of your strawberry plant. The runners are genetic copies of the parent plant; so the runners will make consistent strawberries of the same variety.


Utilizing the strawberry runners makes for cost efficient gardening. Rooting a runner each year will allow for consistent harvesting and healthy plants.

When to clip

Although there are many benefits to strawberry runners, they do utilize the plants finite energy. Clip them to conserve energy.

When to clip

Clip the strawberry runners to avoid overcrowding. Runners can root to closely together making the plant compete for nutrients and space.

When to clip

You should clip runners when they show signs of disease and pest infestation. Clipping will protect the base plant from harm.

How to

Use sharp clean scissors to clip the runner as close to the base as possible. You can root the runner in soil or water to create a new plant.

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