It's the end of another growing season, but what do I do with my dahlias? Learn when to dig up dahlia tubers for winter storage!

Dahlias can be removed from the ground as early as 120 days after initial planting, or after the first frost. 

Dahlia tubers need to be removed before the winter season to avoid rot. After removal you can divide the large tuber for more plants.

Signs to dig up dahlia tubers include: plants stop blooming.

After the first light frost the plants will begin to wilt and brown indicating a good time to dig up tubers.

Label each plant before digging to keep varieties together for storage.

Prepare your storage containers and all necessary supplies beforehand to avoid the dahlia tubers drying out.

Check the weather and avoid digging after a heavy rainfall. The wet soil will be difficult to clean.

Learn more about dahlia tubers by clicking the link below and visiting growhappierplants.com!