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Collarette dahlias feature a stunning "collar" of smaller petals around a central disc. Learn more about this stunning dahlia form here!

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The collarette dahlia variety is so unique, you might not identify them as dahlias right away. The beautiful "collar" of smaller petals around the central disk provides a stunning one-of-a-kind look.

Physical Appearance

The collarette dahlias have a disc of flat cupped petals. The center is open with a "collar" of smaller color contrasting petals surrounding the center.

Popular Varieties

The collarette dahlias are not as popular as the typical dahlia, but tubers can be purchased easily online. Popular varieties are the apple blossom, night butterfly, bumble rumble, pooh, and giggles.

Why Grow Them

Collarettes are smaller so they accompany bouquets well. They also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, which will help all the flowers in your garden.

Growing from Seeds

Growing collarettes from seed are tricky due to cross-pollination. They will rarely grow the same as the parent plant the seed came from. I grew multiple collarettes from seed this year and only 5 of them are true collarettes.

Learn more about Collarette Dahlias by clicking the link below!