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You don't need a huge garden to grow garlic! Learn how to grow garlic in grow bags or pots on your deck or balcony and get a great harvest!

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Planting garlic in grow bags makes growing versatile and simple. Grow bags allow for great drainage, controlled nutrient use, and allow you to freely move your plant wherever you choose.

Gather your supplies!

Grab a 7 gallon grow bag and an outdoor plant stand. Areas with low winter moisture may require mulch to retain moisture. Choose your garlic variety, softneck or hardneck.

Garlic Varieties

Softneck garlic is more popular in households, but doesn't do well in freezing temperatures. Hardneck garlic is known for its strong flavors and requires freezing temperatures to harden.

Soil and Fertilizer

Well-draining soil is necessary to avoid root rot on the garlic. Added organic matter like compost will add nutrients over time. Sprinkled vegetable fertilizer in the spring will give you successful bulbs in summer.


Garlic cloves should be planted about 3 inches below the surface. Leave space at the top of the grow bag for mulch.

Watering and Sunlight

Garlic prefers consistent moisture, but avoid overwatering garlic doesn't like being waterlogged. Garlic needs 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.

Harvest and Store

Harvest garlic when the leaves begin to yellow. Gently remove the garlic from the ground and cure them in a dry ventilated room for two weeks. Store garlic in cool dry area.

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