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If you're looking for an easy to grow plant that provides color year after year with very little effort, look no further than yarrow!

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This perennial flower thrives in zones 2-9 even in poor soil and drought conditions. It also attracts butterflies and beneficial insects that help with pest control in the garden.

How to start Yarrow from seeds

Starting seeds indoors

Plan to plant yarrow seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before your last frost date.

Plant the seeds

Yarrow seeds need light to germinate, so just sprinkle 2-3 seeds per cell.

Use a humidity dome

Place a humidity dome over the tray until the seeds germinate.

Remove the humidity dome once your seeds sprout.

Transplanting seedlings

Keep your seedlings indoors for 3-5 weeks at 55 to 65 degree temperatures before hardening off outdoors in spring.

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