Learn how to deadhead snapdragons and keep them blooming all summer long! I'll show you when and how to cut them back for more flowers!

Snapdragons Characterized by their colorful and whimsical tubular flowers that resemble the open mouth of a dragon.

Snapdragons bloom from the bottom up. I usually harvest them for arrangements and then deadhead the plant weekly to encourage more blooms.

Using sharp clean shears, find faded or wilted blooms, and cut deep on the stem above leaves.

Look for new branches. Deadheading the wilted flowers allows the collected energy in the snapdragon to go to new blooms.

A few weeks after deadheading you will begin to see new blooms. Use a water-soluble fertilizer to speed up the blooming process.

Remember snapdragons prefer cooler weather, so don't get frustrated if your plant doesn't bloom as much during the hotter months.

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