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Winter sowing in milk jugs is a cheap and easy way to start seeds outside! I'll show you how I'm winter sowing echinacea with this method step by step!

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Echinacea plants are a perennial flower often called the purple coneflower. They have many varieties creating beautiful colorful blooms. These plants attract many pollinators making them great additions to gardens.

Prepare the jug

Wash out a milk jug and cut drainage holes in the bottom. Cut the jug in half until the handle to create a lift top. Fill the bottom half with damp, well-draining potting soil.

Plant the seeds

Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil and press down lightly. Water them lightly to ensure good contact with the soil.

Moving outdoors

Close the jug and seal the cut line with duct tape. Place the uncapped jug outside. If you are experiencing low precipitation water with a spray bottle.

Planting Echinacea seedlings

When the weather stops getting below freezing, open the top half of the jug for air circulation. This will stop the seedlings from getting to warm in the jug.

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