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Growing gomphrena from seed is rewarding for gardeners of all levels. Add color to your garden on a budget by growing gomphrena from seed! 

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It's perfect for adding color and texture to any outdoor space. Blooms hold their color for a long time, giving this plant the nickname “Everlasting.” You can find many cultivars of gomphrena with various flower colors in numerous shades of pink, white, red, orange, purple, and rose.

What do gomphrena seeds look like?

Gomphrena seeds are light yellow in color and tear drop shaped, with a white tuft on the end.

How to start Gomphrena from seeds

Starting seeds indoors

Start gomphrena seeds six to eight weeks before the last frost in your area. This will give them a head start on the growing season so you can have blooms sooner!

Use a seed tray

Scatter the seeds on the surface of a sterilized seed tray filled with seed-starting soil mix, or plant them individually in small containers

Direct sow seeds

If you want to direct sow your gomphrena seeds, wait until after the last danger of frost.

Planting in your garden

If you buy gomphrena at the store, or you have seedlings in trays that have been hardened off, wait until after your last frost date to transplant them into the garden.

Gomphrena Care

Gomphrena is a cut and come again plant, so harvest flowers frequently to keep the blooms coming.

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