Winter sowing in milk jugs is a cheap and easy way to start seeds outside! I'll show you how I'm winter sowing poppies with this method step by step!

Winter sowing in milk jugs is a great way to protect your seeds from wildlife while also giving them the cold temperatures they need to sprout.

You just need milk jugs and few other supplies to get started.

You can also use gallon water jugs, soda bottles, and take-out containers with clear lids - Anything with a clear or semi-translucent top will work!

Clean your container thoroughly and poke drainage holes in the bottom

Cut the gallon jug leaving a small portion uncut to act as a hinge.

Fill the bottom of your milk jug greenhouse with the pre-moistened potting soil.

Sow your seeds. Just sprinkle the seeds across the surface of the soil in the jug.

Close up the jugs using duct tape to prevent the seeds from being eaten by critters. Poppy seeds are very tasty.

Now your milk jugs are ready to sit outside.

Be sure to place them where they will get plenty of sun. Leave the caps off so rain can drip inside and water your seedlings.

Learn more about sowing poppy seeds in milk jugs by clicking the link below and visiting!